Why are we called Bright Chapel?

The word “bright” means

  • reflecting a lot of light
  • shining
  • full of light
  • clever
  • cheerful and
  • with promise for the future.

In the Bible, light is a significant and foundational truth describing the salvation experience, the image of God and who we are to be in the world. God has made His light to shine in our hearts, and so we can now burn bright for Him.

The leadership here have incredible stories of love, adoption, trials and triumphs and because of our personal testimonies, we are more convinced of God’s tangible love for us and for you. We pray that the light of Christ would shine so brightly that those who do not know Jesus would take notice and be forever changed by His goodness. We can confidently say to you wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, “Your future is bright.”

Our Leadership