A Christmas Pep Talk

A Note to you

I am just going to say it….There are these expectations that go along with Christmas that can steal all the joy from it. The decorations, the baking, the parties, the gifts, etc. I actually love all of it, but sometimes I get so uptight checking my list that I miss the wonder of it all. These things were designed to enhance the celebration, but sometimes, on certain years it can transform us into Scrooge 2.0.

So, I want to encourage you; (and myself) as you shop, wrap, work, party, cook, and decorate to remember, Christmas is not an emergency, it is a gift. It is a time to be in the moment and enjoy all of the hustle and bustle. Look people in the eye and treasure what you have. Look for need and meet it as you can. Be generous of spirit and heart. Love others. Don’t let dread, stress and sadness take away the gift of Jesus. Don’t let disapproval and judgement cloud out the beauty of others.

Christmas is celebrating the humble birth of Jesus. He saw the suffering of mankind, the mismanagement of the religious establishment and came as the greatest act of compassion, love and selflessness known. He came so we could walk out the difficulties of life WITH him. It’s his birthday!

When you feel overwhelmed stop and say, “Jesus, I am so glad you were born. You are Amazing!” Let your heart ooze with gratitude and thankfulness to Him. Let Him fill you with life and joy everlasting. Live this Christmas!

The truth is…. you may receive bad news, the stomach bug may hit your house, someone may let you down, but decide in your heart… Christmas is not about perfection; it is a gift.

Let’s let him have what he wants for his birthday. He wants YOU! Peace and GOODWILLL towards man; you. He wants to win your heart. He wants time with you. He wants to share his heart for you, his plans for your life. Who cares if you can’t afford the best presents, and if your tree has a slice of pizza in it (don’t ask).  We don’t have to sweat the small stuff because Jesus came and He loves you! Maybe this year is a time of grief or loss, let him minister his patient comfort to you. He was born for that very purpose….so he could comfort those who mourn and bind up the broken hearted; that is Christmas.

Your sadness, your joy, your lack, your abundance…it is all Christmas. When things don’t go right, when you are sad…get more excited to celebrate Christmas, because it reminds us of why Jesus’ birth is so special. We have had it all backwards…our humanity doesn’t ruin Christmas…it makes it more special, because it reveals our need for Jesus.

Our humanity doesn’t ruin Christmas…it makes it more special, because it reveals our need for Jesus.

He rejoices in what his birth meant to your life and mine. Even to those who do not believe, their life is affected by this birthday. He is the greatest man to walk the earth. The only one good. The only one perfect. This Christmas, let it be a true and pure celebration of Jesus. He is born! Hallelujah!

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday, Jesus!