But I am Bonded to my Bondage…

Awhile back we were walking a person through immense hurt and pain. I felt empathy for their situation, but the more they shared the more clarity came. They were very eager to hold those that offended them accountable for each and every infraction, yet they were unable to see their own missteps.  The more we tried to encourage grace, understanding and forgiveness the greater their hurt and pain grew. It seemed they were bound to their hurt and their hurt bound to them; a form of emotional enslavement.  It was a sad thing to witness and my heart broke for them and the many others that are struggling with hurt.

I understand hurt, we all do. No one can escape it on this side of heaven. But this isn’t about “hurt”, this blog is about the role hurt was playing in someone’s life.  If we are not careful, things like this can be a controlling force in our lives. That is why it is important to comprehend the Father’s heart when he calls us to take the road less traveled; to make the hard choice for the greater good. Psalm 118:5 says, “When hard pressed; I cried to the Lord. He brought me into a spacious place.” Freedom.

You see, Jesus freed us at Calvary so we never had to be bound again. Galatians 5:1 says (NLT), “It is for freedom sake that Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourself be burdened again with the yoke of slavery.” ( Read it again, “let” is empowering you.)

He sees these things like slave masters; disabling the overcomer inside of us.  These slave masters look like anxiety, anger, depression, addiction, pride, selfishness, judgement, unforgiveness, sexual sin, obsessing, worry, strife, loneliness, isolation, to name a few, and they keep us from experiencing true freedom in our lives. We are called to identify these sins, repent and turn.  We are commanded by a loving God to do this because it leads to our freedom. Because of what Jesus did, slavery can be a thing of our past and freedom a reality for our future! 

“Think about your life without these things..that’s what Christ sees.”

I understand this, so when this situation didn’t have a happy ending my heart was sad and there was a grieving process. I hurt for them and for their relationships. I knew He had a better way, but life doesn’t always play out ideally. As I began to release the situation back to Him, I started to hear a little song:


A Song in a Blog? That’s Different. YEP.


A Song of Freedom

Freedom song, freedom song
You will sing my freedom song
Many will come, many will hear
They’ll say, “ I want my freedom.”

You will be glad, when they choose today
Rejoicing as they drop their chains
They’ll sing the song and join with you
A triumphant song of freedom

But others will say, “Can’t they stay?”
“Please, can’t my chains stay with me?”
Some will cry, “ I love these chains,
But I still want my freedom.”

You must say, “No. They can’t stay.
These chains must go. That’s not the way.”
And you must say, “No. Chains can’t stay.
They have no place in freedom.”

They’ll walk away, they love their chains
They’ll walk away, they’ll be dismayed
They’ll clench their chains and move away
From the song of freedom

You must look past, yes, look away
Don’t watch them walk away with chains
Just look away and hope and pray
One day they will choose freedom

You’ll shed some tears you cry, I cry
You grieve with me, I paid the price
I died that day so they could say,
“I choose you, I choose freedom. “

You know the pain I feel inside
When they walk away from freedom’s cry
They grip their fear, they can’t see past
The uncertain path to freedom

Look to me, there’s joy, you see
For those who do choose to release
Look to me there’s joy, you see
Because many have found freedom

They’ve dropped their chains, they’ve run away
They cast them down, they’re not afraid
They’ve looked at me and seen love’s gaze
The gaze that holds their freedom

Now hold their hand and sing real loud
The shout of praise, the joyful crowd
They will join the chorus loud
To sing the song of freedom

This song of freedom raises high
The song of freedom moves with might
It breaks fear’s grip, the clenching strain
Of hurt, sin and constant pain

The song of freedom thunders loud
Hell’s attempts are now brought down
You trust my hand, you trust my heart

Drop those chains.

As I wrote, I saw this powerful imagery of our Heavenly Father’s perspective. We see what we have to give up (the chains)… He sees what we get in return! Don’t be like those who think they can exist in freedom’s camp while carrying their prized bondage around. In fact, stop bonding with your chains! Send an eviction notice, get the chisel, adhesive remover…. whatever it takes, today.

He is patient, he is merciful, and he wants better for us. He doesn’t see our addictions… our sin as anything but enslavement. He is so passionate about our freedom he literally died so we could, through him, overcome anything that would attempt to be our master. Through His death we are empowered to live lives of complete, unhindered, and untangled freedom.

So, freedom or captivity; why is this a tough choice? Is it tough because all of hell wants us to be chained up to anything that isn’t God’s best? Are we sympathizing with our enemy? It is for freedom Jesus set us free. It’s time he got what he paid for…our freedom!

Today, if you are bonded to your bondage; I encourage you to let go one finger at a time and trust His wisdom. Heck, just throw it off! Those things give the illusion of being comfortable and safe but they are a prison. Join the joyful sound, choose freedom’s song. Exercise your right to be free.


To identify chains in your life take inventory of any behaviors, patterns, or decisions that are negatively affecting you, your relationship with others and your relationship with God. Be honest with yourself. Seek out how to remove them through prayer, scripture, wise and godly counsel or any other avenue that God would lead you to. Take heart as you make movement toward freedom in Christ. He will guide you. 

Rebecca lives in Cary with her husband and 4 children. She and her husband are from Mississippi and lived in Wisconsin for 7 years before calling the Triangle home. They are the founding pastors of Bright Chapel and are passionate about equipping, loving and encouraging believers to grow towards spiritual maturity. She loves being surrounded by friends, family and laughter. If you were to drop in on her at home you would most likely find her doing ….laundry.