Scratch the Surface or Dig Deep

Rebecca K. Rogers


Today, I am cleaning my house. My 3 year old has a friend over and they are great at entertaining each other, which means, I have several hours to be really productive. I hung the hammock, collected out-grown shoes, cleaned a child’s room, watered my potted plants and the new grass. As I am working I have my headphones in listening to Jonathan and Melissa Helser on Spotify. At first, I was simply enjoying the pleasant  atmosphere of worship, peace and edification. But as I started listening to the lyrics my heart became swept away in gratefulness and praise. A sense of refreshment and renewal washed over me. My heart was stirring.

I recognized that stirring. David described it best, “as a deer panteth for the water so my soul longs for you.” He articulately described what his soul felt like when he desired God. For him it was a thirst that is desperate to be quenched. I know we can relate this to meeting someone and having a stirring to see them again or to watch your favorite movie. Weather changes can cause stirrings in us. Summer an urge to grab a soft serve ice cream or visit the beach, or a pumpkin latte in the fall. We get these desires in us and it demands fulfillment.

Besides longing for all my work to be complete, I had a stirring, a desire to give more attention to this moment. Before, I was simply listening, singing along while working, but I felt the draw to something more. I sat down and began to intentionally focus on the lyrics and let every other priority rest. These words came to me, “Do you want to just scratch the surface or will you dig to the deep places?”

You see, I know there is so much more of God that I have not seen or experienced. Yet, through the distractions of life I can appease that longing with other earthly things.

Today, God was confronting me with this. He was giving me a taste of His goodness and reminding me that no thing can satisfy me but Him. He was challenging me to stop my busyness and make time to pick up a shovel and dig in with my attention. When you dig, both hands are on the shovel and it takes all of your strength to move the dirt. When you dig, you are not multitasking, you are simply digging. It takes your time, your focus, and your energy to go deeper.

Confession: I am a scratcher!  It is so easy to just do the minimum. It is hardwork to dig, it is messy, and time consuming. Scratchers are satisfied with knowing the treasure is there, but not motivated to acquire it. We may even be ok with watching others dig and hope they will just share their findings with us. We distract ourselves with temporary joys. We are busy and emotionally safe. There is little movement in our growth, because we haven’t taken much ground. There is no risk. We haven’t conquered our comfort threshold. However, I will never obtain treasure if I am always scratching the surface one speck of dirt at a time. Scratchers find little, Diggers find treasure.

What treasure? The treasure is a friendship with God. The treasure is being saturated in His presence. The treasure is access to the secrets of heaven and to your life. Working side by side with your Heavenly Father as you dig a deep well together. If these things seem undesirable you are probably a scratcher. There is more to being a Christian than religious rituals, we have to insert ourselves, our hearts into the process.

Those several minutes I dug in and surrendered all of my attention… nothing can beat that! I felt at rest, I had clarity, I felt refreshed and had purpose for the day. The anxiety and pressure I was feeling to do everything washed away and I knew what was important. Those several minutes in His presence released a pressure valve in me and gave me sweet peace. It was such a great reminder to me, how important it is to cultivate that relationship with him.  There is more beneath the surface. There is something to be acquired by you. Being a scratcher means I am missing out on something. Maybe you are a scratcher because no one told you there was treasure under all that dirt. Today, I am telling you there is. You can go from working to wonder, from cleaning to calm, from mundane to magnificent, from hurting to healing.

He wants to capture your attention. He wants to capture your heart. He wants to tangibly love you. Will you dig in and allow him?

Response: Take time. Rest. Quiet yourself. Put on a worship song that inspires you, put instrumental music as a background as you read the bible, pray out loud. Make a step past comfortable that you have never tried in your relationship with God. Discover the next layer under the surface. Let’s get dirty!



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