Surrounded by strength –

-Rebecca K. Rogers-

This guy, he represents so much to me.

I put him in my kitchen during a tough time in life. I decided I needed something in my house that recharged my faith, so it could endure. I wanted a lion and I searched until I found the perfect one.

There were roaring ones, hunting ones, playful ones, but I needed one to say, ” I got this!” ” Stay calm.” ” Hang on!” ” Quit, freaking out!”

A lion to me represented a few of the countless attributes of God. He is fiercely protective, strong, watchful, kind and wise. The Father that will guard me with strength, honor and chase away the bad guys. This guy doesn’t mess around. He isn’t moved by what isn’t real. He is confident. I wanted to connect with that in a tangible way. I needed to see with my eyes, what my heart believed.

He is terrifying, but so striking and beautiful and scarred. If God is described as a lion, I got it. This is who he is when he needs to be. This is the part of him I wanted to explore and know more about.

I guess that is why art is so powerful. Surrounding ourselves with words, images that keep us grounded or inspire us to dream.

Many times when I needed him, I would stand in front of him and look him in the eyes. When I looked at him it was as if God was saying to me, “Do I look like I’m gonna drop the ball?”, ” I got this.”, ” You’re gonna be ok?”. Sometimes he would say, “You are loved.” ” I am not fazed by your weak moments. Don’t hide from me. I am strong enough for both of us.”

I needed that.


Response: What can you add to your life to strengthen your perspective of God? What are things you can change to keep your faith strong?



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