Get Away Car- Forgiveness

Forgiveness is like a Getaway Car

We can perceive forgiveness as a pardon for the offender, but really it is a pardon for ourselves. It is like a release valve, removing the tension and pressure of our pain. It does not deny the wrong against us, but it is the vehicle that helps us to move away from that traumatic, painful event. This is why scripture is so adamant about forgiveness. Jesus is communicating : GETAWAY from your pain! I have a better way!

When I have been challenged to forgive, I try to imagine forgiveness as a fully loaded luxury car that if I jump in, it drives me away from the memory.  It is invigorating, it is beautiful, it is fun! I get to be exposed to different views, experiences and new sights to see. Going to new places. 

Choose to Park: To not forgive it is like parking at your pain and taking it in constantly. That becomes your view, your landscape, the air you breath. We have to continue to relive the traumatic or painful event of offense, becoming one with it. We have to keep reliving it to justify our anger and hurt.

No, thank you! Once was enough!

Choose to Drive: To forgive helps us to live in the present and not relive our hurt over and over because it is enabling us to have new things to focus on. It is getting in your vehicle and driving to new places, fresh air. Someone else’s smallness can not keep my life in park. Gotta move on from the smallness!! It is choosing to put that lean-mean-forgiveness-machine in drive and getting away from the drama. Being a person of peace and grace, like our a Father. Not letting what happened to you become your identity.

Simple Prayer of Forgiveness:

Thank you Father for the power of forgiveness. I forgive_________ for __________, __________ today. I release them from my thoughts and emotions and give them to you. (Romans 12:19, Ephesians 4:32 )I let it go. I trust You, Lord that you will defend and protect me and heal my hurt. I choose your peace. ( Colossians 3:15)Amen.

What does your getaway car look like? #GoodbyeOffense #Forgive




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